One of NCCARF’s primary aims is to deliver a suite of research projects that provide the information needed to adapt to climate change. NCCARF administers two research programs in order to do this, the Australian Research Grants Program (ARGP) and the Synthesis and Integrative Research program (SIR). Both programs build the knowledge needed by decision makers in government and in vulnerable sectors and the community to adapt to climate change.

Our research portfolio complements activities and projects funded through other research programs such as the Australian Research Council. Our programs are distinct in focussing on generating the knowledge required for Australia to adapt to the impacts of climate change and delivering that knowledge in useful formats to decision makers.

Adaptation Research Grants Program

The ARG program delivers on priorities identified in the National Adaptation Research Plans, through seed funding to implement these Plans provided by the Australian Government.

Synthesis and Integrative Research Program

The SIR program focuses on collating and synthesising existing climate change adaptation knowledge and on generating new knowledge that cuts across NCCARF’s thematic research priorities. The linkages between the thematic and synthesis and integrative research activities are shown here.

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