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The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Leading the research community in a national interdisciplinary effort to generate the information needed by decision-makers in government and in vulnerable sectors and communities to manage the risks of climate change impacts.

NCCARF is delighted to announce that the new Funding Agreement between Griffith University and the Australian government (through the Department of the Environment) which brings NCCARF Phase 2 into operation was signed on 16th October. The Phase 2 program runs for three years and emphasises support for decision makers seeking to manage the Australian coastal zone under climate change and sea-level rise.  Target groups for this work include local governments, the private sector and civil society. 

What is Adaptation?

In a world where climate impacts are increasingly observable and adaptation actions are increasingly required, we showcase leading impacts and adaptation research and explore the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making.



A range of information products, including research reports, fact sheets, data, presentations and other outputs from NCCARF's research programs are now available.



Across Australia NCCARF has funded research projects addressing priorities identified through the nine National Adaptation Research Plans to provide information needed by decision-makers in key vulnerable sectors and regions.


Adaptation Networks

NCCARF’s Adaptation Research Networks, hosted by universities across Australia, are a community of researchers and practitioners working together to progress climate change adaptation knowledge.


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