Supporting document 4: Environmental variables in the habitats of southwestern Australian freshwater fish. A risk assessment and decision making framework for managing groundwater dependent ecosystems with declining water levels.

Stephen Beatty, David Morgan, James Keleher, Alan Lymbery, Paul Close,Peter Speldewinde, Timothy Storer and Artemis Kitsios

A set of Tolerance Indicator Values (TIVs) were used in a risk assessment and decision making process for managing groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) subject to declining water levels in the Blackwood River (WA). The results demonstrated considerable interspecific differences in TIVs for several environmental variables. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the water quality of the habitats of freshwater fishes in south-western Australia. Complementary bioassays to determine effects of concentrations of key water quality variables to various life-history stages of freshwater fishes were recommended to provide more robust TIVs in future population viability modelling.

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Research report
Western Australia
Biodiversity, natural resources

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