Designing landscapes for biodiversity under climate change: Summary for landscape managers and policy makers

Veronica Doerr, Kristen Williams, Michael Drielsma, Erik Doerr, Micah Davies, Jamie Love, Art Langston, Samantha Low Choy, Glenn Manion, E. Margaret Cawsey, Heather McGinness, Tom Jovanovic, Debbie Crawford, Mike Austin and Simon Ferrier

This is a summary report of the project by Doerr et al. (2013) on designing landscapes for biodiversity under climate change. Their analysis found no effect of detailed spatial placement of restoration projects on the change in metapopulation capacity of the future landscapes.  Only the restoration of landscapes to ~30% native vegetation cover improved future landscapes relative to current landscapes.  All current design approaches failed to fully compensate for losses in metapopulation capacity resulting from climate-related changes in land use and native vegetation communities. The report concludes that a variety of new approaches need to be explored even if they may be challenging to implement. Greater concentration of effort in priority corridors, with local actions to match local goals, may be the best immediate action until new solutions are developed.

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Case studies
Research report
New South Wales
Biodiversity, natural resources

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