The 2008 floods in Queensland: A case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity

Armando Apan, Diane Keogh, David King, Melanie Thomas,Shahbaz Mushtaq and Peter Baddiley

This study focused on two flood events, Mackay floods in 2008 and Charleville floods in 2008. It concluded that people established in areas that are vulnerable to regular flooding, who had greater connections within the community, displayed more resilience in the event of a disaster flood event. The study provides a comparison of the impact of flooding between both Queensland towns, as well as the response at the time and subsequent adaptation actions. The information gathered was synthesised in terms of the resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of people and communities to flooding. The methodology included a literature review and questionnaire surveys, focus groups and extensive interviews to gather relevant data needed for interpretation and synthesis. This study is one of a suite of Historical Case Studies of Extreme Events conducted under Phase 1 of the NCCARF Synthesis and Integrative Research Program to better understand the requirements of successful adaptation to future climate change.

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Case studies
Research report
Local government

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