Practical knowledge for adaptation

NCCARF is developing a synthesis and communication program to condense and translate technical research information developed in its first phase into digestable communication products for a diverse audience of end users.

In order to shape the delivery of this program we held two online workshops and a series of one-on- one interviews with stakeholders. The consultation informed the mode of delivery and key challenges to address.

The program has adopted four modes of delivery:

1.  Synthesis summaries

These short summaries (6-8 pages) will provide a simple synthesis based in the first instance on the findings of research from NCCARF Phase 1. They are based on themes identified from research projects (Portfolio themes) and stakeholder needs analysis (priority risk areas). They cover the following topics:

2.  Climate change adaptation briefing notes

These short one-page briefings are designed for specific sectors/decision makers. They provide a brief introduction to the key issues, climate impacts and adaptation options for that sector. The following briefing notes are available:

3.  Policy information briefs

Complementing the Policy Guidance Brief (PGB) series, these five Policy Information Briefs focus on key locations or challenges for Australia in the future. The briefs are aimed at policymakers in state and federal government. In each brief, we examine the features that characterise the challenges and their causes (both climatic and, in the broadest sense, environmental). The briefs explore the extent to which adaptive capacity exists, and what is needed for mobilisation. Adaptation options are considered and evaluated taking into account financial and welfare costs of the action and the avoided impacts. The five Policy Information Briefs are:

4.  Adaptation library

We have developed an improved search interface for information held on the NCCARF website. The Adaptation Library can be accessed here.

screenshot of adaptation library