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Climate change adaptation planning

Planning for current and future climate impacts is vitally important to ensure the resilience of our communities, economies and environment.

  • Resilience, Adaptation Pathways and Transformation Assessment (RAPTA)
  • ACT Climate Adaptation Strategy
  • AdaptWater
  • Local Government Adaptation Plans
  • Territory NRM Plans

Climate change key concepts

Climate change impacts and climate change adaptation is a concern for everyone, on this page we explain some of the key terms and concepts.

  • Carbon cycle visual explanation
  • Understanding ENSO

Climate change and society

Climate change adaptation is at its core, a social issue. This page shares resources which examines society's behaivour, knowledge and capacity to implement effective adaptation actions.

  • Connected household
  • Climate Council health report
  • Extreme weather events and bushfire threats in QLD

Climate change and economy

This page will showcase tools and resources which explores the financial implications of climate change and climate change adaptation.

  • There goes the neighbourhood
  • Weed Futures

Indigenous climate change knowledge

Indigenous communities of Australia have a long history of coping with an extreme and variable climate. Examples of their wealth of knowledge of these systems and how these can inform climate change adaptation approaches is shown on this page.

  • Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategy
  • Traditional fire management
  • Indigenous Ecological Knowledge
  • Adaptation Action Plan: Torres Strait

Climate change and education

A collection of resources including short videos, specifically aimed at school aged children, explaining climate change and climate change adaptation.

  • 'voices of youth' Samoa Leifi’ifi College - Minimize the climatic and human impacts on drinking water (audio)
  • Learning about climate change the pacific island way
  • Explaining climate change to children visual
  • Climate 101 with Bill Nye visual

Climate change adaptation tools

A number of climate change adapatation tools are showcased here to support climate change adaptation practitioners.

  • Synthesis and integrated research report based on user needs
  • Towards a climate policy toolkit

Adaptation Colleges

A key part of the first phase of the SEI-network activities is the annual Adaptation College. The College aimed to build a community of future leaders that learnt from each other about what it is like to work in different sectors.

  • Eight principles of adaptation planning publication