Research in practice

The SEI network aims to share practical climate change adaptation information to strengthen the capacity of end users.

This page is dedicated to demonstrating projects which have successfuly put research into practice. As this page grows, topics of interest will be created to develop a searchable database of projects. If you would like to showcase your work or if you have any suggestions, please send an email to

Browse by topic and access different media types including videos and slideshows. 

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Planning for current and future climate impacts is vitally important to ensure the resilience of our communities, economies and environment.

  • An Adaptive Capacity Guidebook
  • Regional Governance in Australia
  • Climate change adaptability in water governance institutions and organisations

Climate Change and Society 

Climate change adaptation is at its core, a social issue. This page shares resources which examines society's behaivour, knowledge and capacity to implement effective adaptation actions.

  • The Energy Saver Study
  • Heatwave Vulnerability Tool

Climate Change and education

  • Action Against Climate Change (A2C2) - youth generated content 'voices of youth' - Pacific Islands - Climate Education is all our Responsibility (video)

Climate Change and Economy 

This page will showcase tools and resources which examines the affect of climate change on the market sector.

  • The Adaptative Value Chains Project

Indigenous Climate Change knowledge

Examples of Indigenous peoples wealth of knowledge of the environment and climate and how this can inform and enhance climate change adaptation research is shown on this page.

  • WALFA-West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement project
  • Caring for Country Management Plan: Carpentaria
  • Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Guidebook






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