Workshop invitation and launch of draft National Research Priorities

The Governance Theme of the SEI Network launched the draft National Adaptation Research Plan for the social, economic and institutional dimensions of climate change for consultation (SEI NARP) at Murdoch University in Perth on the 29th August.  The SEI NARP will be endorsed by the Australian Government and outline priority themes for future research and we invite you to contribute to this important document. CLICK HERE to access the draft NARP open for public comment.

The launch also aimed to share knowledge about the:
• National Adaptation Research Priorities (NARP);
• Coastal adaptation challenges and responses in Fremantle and Mossman Park, and;
• NCCARF CoastAdapt tool.

Early Career Researcher Workshop

The SEI Network was proud to have partnered with the National Coast to Coast conference 2016 to deliver our Early Career Researcher and Practitioner workshop. The Coast to Coast Conference was held in Melbourne from 29 August to 01 September 2016. The first day of the program was a Marine and Coastal Workshop day with a number of workshops being planned including the SEI networks Early Career Researcher and Practitioner workshop. We aimed to deliver an innovative workshop with a focus of sharing best practice climate change adaptation knowledge between early career researchers and practitioners.

The focus of the workshop was to share best practice climate change adaptation knowledge as it relates to the social, economic and institutional dimensions.
The workshop will include;
• Presentations from leading adaptation experts;
• Workshop discussion exploring adaptation challenges, strategies and successes;
• Discussion about the National Adaptation Research Plan.
Stay tuned to hear about how our workshop went, with 24 participants there was alot of opportunities for knowledge sharing. Any further queries please contact the SEI Network Coordinator Sarah Connor,

Indigenous Theme Peer Learning Events

Two Indigenous peer learning events have been held to exchange knowledge and experiences of climate change adaptation issues and projects across Aboriginal Australia. The first was held in Mission Beach and targeted Aboriginal rangers working on a daily basis on Country. The second event was held in Adelaide and followed on from the Aboriginal led consultation held in Mission Beach. This event was also Aboriginal led, but this time targeted Aboriginal people in leadership positions. Climate change issues are being felt by Indigenous peoples at an environmental, economic and cultural levels and constraints such as a lack of research and ongoing resources were discussed at both events. The important of teh true exchange of knowledge was also highlighted. Further information will be explored in the production of a short documentary film which will be made available on this site.

Business and Industry Theme Peer Learning Event

The next in our series of Peer Learning events was held by the Business and Industry Theme in Melbourne on the 19th August at the Swinburne Institute of Technology. This workshop aimed to;
• To explore the challenges and successes for the business and industry sector in progressing climate change adaptation;
• To exchange climate change adaptation knowledge and information;
• To identify climate change adaptation research priorities and gaps;
• To identify future opportunities for knowledge exchange and information sharing and;
• To support collaboration and network building that will assist the business and industry sector.This even was well attended with various sectors represented from engineeers, achitects and manufacturers.  Key gaps in knowledge and information sharing both within and between sectors was discussed along with the lack of financial incentives for business and industry. Opportunities such as utilising exisiting networks was also explored. A Guidance Brief exploring these issues will be produced and available on this site.

Non-Government Organisation Theme Peer Learning Event 2016

The NGO Theme held their Peer Learning event on the 3rd March and was a great success with a broad range of NGO's attending. The event gave a unique opportunity for a ‘think tank’ workshop which also aimed to build a platform for continued collaboration. Held at the University of New South Wales, teh workshop also aimed to explore research priorities for the future. READ MORE


NCCARF/CSIRO Climate Adaptation Conference 2016

The major Australian forum on climate impacts and adaptation, bringing together practitioners and researchers from across Australia to share experience and showcase activities, strategies and research. Join more than 400 delegates in Adelaide from the 5-7 July. Learn more here.