Built Environment Climate Change Adaptation (BECCA) Wiki is now online

The Built Environment Climate Change Adaptation (BECCA) Wiki  is now online at http://wiki.climatechangeadaptation.org.au. The pilot focuses on electrical and railway sectors (March 2010) and other sectors will be added with your help.
The BECCA Wiki is supported by the Department of Climate Change, Australian Government.
The BECCA Wiki is an online encyclopaedia of topics which focus on climate change impacts and adaptation options for the built environment. The BECCA Wiki aims to provide practical information about climate change impacts on different types of infrastructure organisations, such as electricity generators and railways, and the various options for adapting efficiently to these impacts.
The Wiki provides detailed information about the following three areas:
  • The possible supply impacts of climate change on a range of built environment assets, human resources and activities.
  • The possible demand impacts of climate change for specific industry sectors.
  • The adaptation options that can be used to mediate against or reduce the identified supply and demand impacts on built environment assets.

Wherever possible, topics and information elements also link to source documents, to provide access to more detailed information.
You can add material to the BECCA Wiki, including your views and resources.
To add material you need to register as a Wiki user at http://wiki.climatechangeadaptation.org.au/tiki-register.php. 
Together we can make the BECCA Wiki a vital resource for all adaptation professionals.
Take a few minutes and check it out now at http://wiki.climatechangeadaptation.org.au
Jacinta Nelligan
Project Manager
02 6161 5143