Discussion papers

Managing Estuaries for Resilience Under Climate Change: Integrating Socio-Economic and Ecological Goals and Proposing Appropriate Strategies by Erica Davey, William Peirson et al

  •  Australian estuaries should be able to meet the needs and aspirations of society and ecological integrity in the face of future change, while continuing to support integrated human and ecological

A brief appraisal of the potential of pumped storage in New South Wales by Matt Phillips, William Peirson and Ron Cox

  •  With a national energy market turning to intermittent renewable sources, the challenge of reliably meeting variable demand intensifies.

Principles and Problems of Shoreline Law by John Corkill, Southern Cross University

  • This paper posits nine key principles of property law relevant to lands bounded by tidal waters.

Beyond Agriculture - Exploring the application of the Thornthwaite Moisture Index to infrastructure and possibilities for climate change adaptation by Michelle Philp and Michael Taylor, Barbara Hardy Institute

  • In 1948 the Thornthwaite Moisture Index was introduced as a new global climate classification system.  Since its advent, the use of the index has moved beyond climate classification for agricultura

Assessing the Climate Change Adaptability of Buildings by Malay Dave, Arvind Varshney and Peter Graham

  • Buildings present a significant amount of opportunity for climate mitigation.

The Economic Value of Natural and Built Coastal Assets Part 2: Built Coastal Assets by Sally Kirkpatrick Obst, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

  • Both natural and built coastal assets are under increasing pressure from a growing population and also from the projected impacts of climate change.

Population Distribution, Migration and Climate Change in Australia: An Exploration by Graeme Hugo, University of Adelaide

  • In Australia the body of knowledge of likely scenarios of climate change impact over the next few decades has increased significantly in both its robustness and level of detail.

Ageing, the Built Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change by Tracie Harvison, Rachelle Newman and Bruce Judd

  • Population ageing and climate change are two of the most pressing issues for Australia, yet there has been little attention given to the relationship between the two or the role of the built enviro

Adapting to Climate Change – Revising our Approach to Estimating Future Floods by Seth Westra, University of Adelaide

  • It is becoming increasingly clear that human‐induced climate change will impact on almost all facets of the hydrological cycle.

The Economic Value of Natural and Built Coastal Assets - Part 1: Natural Coastal Assets by Sally Kirkpatrick, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

  • In light of climate change uncertainties and the likelihood of increased impacts to our natural and built coastal environment, the aim of this review is to highlight past and recent studies related