Adaptation Research Grants Program

Robust climate change adaptation decisions should be evidence based. While some relevant information is available, considerable new knowledge, well targeted at end users, needs to be developed. This fundamental knowledge for adaptation is most effectively developed by taking a theme-based approach. NCCARF works with nine themes, which are:

With $34 million in financial support and close on 100 projects across the nine themes, this represents a ground-breaking initiative in climate change adaptation research.

NCCARF has taken a six-step approach to identifying projects for funding in the ARGP.

  • 1. Identify key information needs of decision-makers (see National Adaptation Research Plans);
  • 2. Identify the knowledge and information available;
  • 3. From 1. and 2., determine key information gaps and priority research questions;
  • 4. Commission research projects to address these priority questions;
  • 5. Ensure decision-makers and other research users are involved throughout research activities;
  • 6. Deliver research findings in a timely and accessible manner.
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