National Adaptation Research Plans

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans (NARPs) are research plans, addressing specific topics, which aim to identify critical gaps in the information required by governments, industry and the community to develop and implement effective adaptation responses to climate change. The gaps that are identified through this process can be used to set research priorities.

NARPs have been developed around nine priority themes. The original NARPs were developed between 2010 and 2012. Since then most have been reviewed at least once, some twice. These updates and the original NARPs are available by following the links below.

  1. Freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity Current version (2017)
  2. Marine biodiversity and resourcesCurrent version (2017)
  3. Terrestrial biodiversity Current version (2017)
  4. Settlements and infrastructure Current version (2017)
  5. Social, economic and institutional dimensions Current version (2017)
  6. Human healthCurrent version (2012)
  7. Primary IndustriesCurrent version (2013)
  8. Emergency managementCurrent version (2012)
  9. Indigenous communitiesCurrent version (2012)

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