Update Report 2012: National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan for Human Health

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National Adaptation Research Plans (NARP)
Elizabeth Hanna
Peng Bi
Sophie Dwyer
Peter Morris
Richard McKellar
Frank Stadler
Australian National University
University of Adelaide
Queensland Health
Department of Health and Aging
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

This NARP was updated in 2012 to reflect the contribution of new research to practitioner knowledge needs, as well as the evolving requirements of practitioners.

Development of National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans is a key function of NCCARF. These Plans (referred to as NARPs) are produced for nine key sectors where adaptation responses will be critical in safeguarding against climate risks to social, economic and environmental well-being. The Human Health NARP has been revisited in 2012 and priority research questions have been updated to ensure currency and to provide guidance for research investment over the next five years. 

The purpose of a NARP is to identify priority needs over the next few years in developing knowledge on how governments, businesses and communities can best adapt to climate change risks. They provide a national blueprint for research investment by research organisations and knowledge user stakeholders. Development of NARPs involves the active participation of both the research community and adaptation knowledge users.

The NARP for Human Health (Health NARP) (McMichael et al. 2010) is concerned with identifying the priority research questions for human health-related climate change adaptation issues, including extreme heat and weather events, climate-related diseases, the health of rural and Indigenous communities, mental health and the capacity of the health system. 

Updated priority research questions are identified based on:

• changes to stakeholder needs since the Human Health NARP was completed in 2009;

• relevant research published since the Human Health NARP was completed; and 

• areas of current research focus in relation to the Human Health NARP.

Please cite this as: Hanna, E, Bi, P, Dwyer, S, Morris, P, McKeller, R, Stadler, F, 2012  National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan Human Health: Update Report 2012National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast pp.54. ISBN: 978-1-921609-79-4

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