Adapting strata title communities for climate change: a stakeholder action list manual

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Chris Guilding
Jan Warnken
Francesco Andreone
Dawne Lamminmaki
Griffith University
Strata Experts


This manual provides 25 recommendations that are directed to better preparing strata titled communities for climate change. A grant received from the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Foundation supplemented by a grant received from CHU (a specialist strata title insurance company) has enabled the conduct of research that has culminated in the preparation of a report and also this manual. The research, conducted in 2012, involved preparation of a literature review, a cross state review of pertinent strata title legislation, a series of meetings with an industry reference group, conduct of interviews with a cross-section of strata title industry experts and the administration of an on-line questionnaire survey.

For the interested reader, a detailed account of these research phases is provided in a larger companion report that is directed more to policy makers. This larger report is entitled “Climate Change Policy Making for Strata Titled Communities: Development and Analysis of Recommendations”. Further practical guidance on preparing for climate change can also be found at the Green Cross Australia website This website includes online tools designed to help households prepare for weather emergencies, while taking into account property location and unique physical features.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a succinct outline of the recommendations arising from the study and to provide a rationale for each of the recommendations advanced. The recommended actions have been grouped according to the strata title stakeholder group most clearly responsible for each recommendation’s implementation. It should be noted, however, that implementation of some recommendations relates to more than one stakeholder group. Following the presentation of each recommendation, a rationale for the recommendation is provided.

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Guilding, C, Warnken, J, Andreone, F & Lamminmaki, D 2013, Adapting strata title communities for climate change: A stakeholder action list manual, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 10 pp.

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