Resilience and water security in two outback cities- Publications

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Case Studies
Professor Glenn Albrecht
Dr Helen Allison
Murdoch University
Western Australia

In order to assess the past, current and future resilience of the water security of two of Australia’s largest inland cities, the Murdoch University research team undertook a series of rapid interrelated studies to determine the adaptive capacity of water managers and citizens in Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie with respect to scientifically based projections of a warming and drying climate. A Resilient Regions Assessment Process (RRAP) was used, for the two cities, to generate water resilience histories, qualitative data in the form of key informant interviews and additional data derived from community participation in future scenario assessments at professionally organised and run water expos.

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Albrecht, G, Allison, H, Ellis, N & Jaceglav, M 2010, Resilience and water security in two outback cities, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 48 pp.

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