NCCARF research portfolio fact sheets

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Fact sheets
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

A series of factsheets featuring NCCARF's 140 research projects, organised by theme, sector, or state and territory. Each factsheet has a list of projects relevant to the theme, information on the investigators and delivery date, together with a short summary of each project.
The full portfolio can be accessed here>>

Research portfolio factsheets are available on the themes of:

- Local Councils
- Coastal Management
- Water Resources
- Infrastructure
- Agriculture 
- Vulnerable Communities
- Emergency Management
- Business and Industry
- Policy and Regulation for Effective Adaptation
- Decision Support Tools 
- Natural Ecosystems: Landscapes, regions and conservation
- Natural Ecosystems: Specific Ecosystems 
- Extreme Weather 

and on Research Investment in States and Territories:

- South Australia 
- Western Australia 
- New South Wales 
- Tasmania 
- Victoria 
- Queensland 
- Northern Territory 
- Australian Capital Territory 
- Griffith University 

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