National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan for Indigenous Communities

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National Adaptation Research Plans (NARP)
Marcia Langton (Chair)
Meg Parsons
Sonia Leonard
Kate Auty
Damein Bell
Paul Burgess
Shaun Edwards
Richie Howitt
Sue Jackson
Vic McGrath
Joe Morrison
Jean Palutikof (Director, NCCARF Secretariat)
Marie Waschka (NCCARF Secretariat)
University of Melbourne
Kimberly Land Council
Vic Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability
Lake Conah Sustainable Development Program
DMO Maningrida
Kowanyama Council
Macquarie University
Torres Strait Regional Authority

NCCARF developed a National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan (NARP) for Indigenous Communities in 2012 to identify research required to provide decision makers within government, industry and communities with the information they need to effectively respond and adapt to the impacts of climate change on Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Communities NARP identifies what information is needed to increase understanding of climate change adaptation for Australia’s Indigenous communities.  It outlines research priorities that will inform decisions about adapting to climate change to produce effective, efficient and equitable strategies and outcomes. This Plan will guide governments and other investors over the next five years to fund research to deliver maximum benefit to Indigenous communities, and provide a broad framework for longer term research planning.

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Langton, M, Parsons, M, Leonard, S, Auty, K, Bell, D, Burgess, P, Edwards, S, Howitt, R, Jackson, S, McGrath, V & Morrison, J 2012, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan for Indigenous Communities, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 50pp.

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