Learning from Experience: Historical case studies and climate change adaptation

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Case Studies
Anthony S. Kiem
Danielle C. Verdon-Kidd
Sarah L. Boulter
Jean P. Palutikof
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
University of Newcastle

Although the parallels are not exact, understanding community, institutional and governance responses to climate events, and their interactions, is informative of the conditions that may determine the success or failure of climate change adaptation strategies.

Through 2010, the NCCARF consortium developed a suite of historical case studies to examine impacts and management of climate variability and the lessons that can be learnt for adaptation to future climate.

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Kiem, A.S., Verdon-Kidd, D.C., Boulter, S.L. and Palutikof, J.P. 2010. Learning from experience: historical case studies and climate change adaptation. Report for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, Australia. 

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