An assessment of the nature and utility of adaptive capacity research

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Timothy F Smith
RW Carter
Phillip Daffara
Noni Keys

Adaptive capacity refers to the ability of a system to respond to change and has become widely acknowledged as a fundamental component of vulnerability to climate change. The aims of this project were to: (i) assess the interpretation of, and approach to, adaptive capacity research among a range of disciplines; (ii) critique case studies in which an attempt is made to assess adaptive capacity of a community, region or sector; (iii) assess the utility of the concept for decision-making; and (iv) to make recommendations to improve synergies between climate change adaptation researchers and decision makers. The purpose of this second report (one of two for the project) is to present the findings of an online survey and key informant interviews of climate change researchers and decision makers.

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Smith, TF, Carter, RW, Daffara, P & Keys, N 2010, The nature and utility of adaptive capacity research, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 68 pp.  

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