2011 Report Card Climate Change and Western Australian Aquatic Ecosystems

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Fact sheets
K. Kauhanen
J. Chambers
F. D’Souza
Murdoch University
Western Australia

This report card summarises present knowledge of impacts of climate change on Western Australian aquatic ecosystems and identifies knowledge gaps and adaptation options. The report card is based on a more comprehensive report called Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies for Western Australian Aquatic Ecosystems, developed in consultation with the contributors listed above during and after Climate Change and WA Wetlands and Waterways Symposium 2010. The project received funding from the Department of Water, Government of Western Australia (NRM Program), National Climate Change and Adaptation Research Facility and was supported by Murdoch University and the Department of Environment and Conservation. For further information, including the complete report Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies for Western Australian Aquatic Ecosystems email J.Chambers@murdoch.edu.au

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K. Kauhanen, J. Chambers and F. D’Souza (eds) (2011) Report Card of Climate Change and Western Australian Aquatic Ecosystems. Natioanl Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility - Adaptation Research Network for Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity, Gold Coast.


Banner image: B. Robson