Choosing a decision-making framework to manage uncertainty in climate adaptation decision-making: a practitioner’s handbook

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Alan Randall, Tim Capon, Todd Sanderson, Danielle Merrett, Greg Hertzler, Samantha Capon
University of Sydney
Griffith University
New South Wales

This Handbook is intended to help people choose a decision-making framework to manage the uncertainty inherent in climate change adaptation decision-making. Climate change introduces additional sources of risk and uncertainty into many decision problems. Decision-making frameworks and decision tools can help people identify sources of uncertainty and the information have available they require to make decisions.

Choosing a decision-making framework is itself a decision-making problem, so the authors structured this Handbook to guide the reader through the process of choosing a decision-making framework. This is intended to reinforce the basic role of a decision-making framework; that is, to help the decision-maker organize their thinking and to provide a structure for the decision-making process.

It begins by discussing the problem of managing risk and uncertainty in climate change adaptation decision-making, then the Handbook introduces a number of the many available decision-making frameworks, and suggests a few ways to compare these alternatives. The Handbook then seeks to provide some guidance on how to select a decision-making framework that suits individual needs, and provides a guide to implementing and evaluating a decision-making framework.

Please cite this report as:
Randall, A, Capon, T, Sanderson, T, Merrett, D & Hertzler, G 2012, Choosing a decision-making framework to manage uncertainty in climate adaptation decisionmaking: A Practitioner’s Handbook, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 25 pp.

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