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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We’ve added 13 new case studies to CoastAdapt, bringing the total to 80. Highlights of the new additions include efforts to build resilience in little penguin colonies, and using CoastAdapt to understand climate change risks in the finance sector. The case studies page has been revamped to make it easier for you to find case studies close to you.

International news
The Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC) was officially launched in Kampala , Uganda on 26th June 2017. For more information, see www.icccad.net/luccc. In its first initiative, LUCCC plans to pool expertise in climate change curriculum development, see http://www.climatechangenews.com/2017/07/04/universities-global-south-aim-end-reliance-western-experts/.

The Netherlands, together with Japan and UN Environment, will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in The Netherlands. This initiative was announced in February 2017, and it is expected that the Centre will commence operation before the end of 2017. For more information, see http://www.ipsnews.net/2017/02/netherlands-to-host-global-centre-of-excellence-on-climate-adaptation/.