NCCARF Adaptation Webinars

In a series of online webinars, NCCARF will explore some key climate adaptation topics. Each webinar will feature presentations from two experts, and provide an opportunity for you, the viewer, to ask questions and join the discussion online.

  • Webinar 1 21 March 3pm AEST
    Extreme climate events: future risks and impacts
    Professor Jean Palutikof (NCCARF Director)
    Dr Scott Power (Bureau of Meteorology)
    Dr Matthew Mason (University of Queensland)
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  • Webinar 2 19 April 1pm AEST
    Trade, aid and tourism under climate change
    Professor Jean Palutikof (NCCARF Director)
    Professor Jon Barnett (University of Melbourne)
    Ms Cheryl Durrant (Department of Defence)
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  • Webinar 3 3 May 2pm AEST
    Urban Adaptation: cities adapting to climate change
    Dr Sarah Boulter (NCCARF)
    Professor Barbara Norman (University of Canberra)
    Associate Professor Ron Cox (University of NSW)
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  • Webinar 4 22 May 1pm AEST
    Natural ecosystems: from land to sea
    Professor Jean Palutikof (NCCARF Director)
    Professor Stephen Williams (James Cook University)
    Professor Terry Hughes (James Cook University)
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