Whitehorse City Council Climate Change Adaptation Plan

"The development of this adaptation plan builds on the City of Whitehorse Climate Change Risk Assessment by outlining the actions that Council intends to take to build the resilience of its assets, operations and the resilience of the Whitehorse community. A priority in developing the plan was to reduce what might become extreme risks by implementing a range of actions to adapt to climate change. The plan was developed with participation from Council staff and the community. A number of interactive forums were held with Council management and representatives from each department to utilise their local knowledge as well as to seek their commitment to address climate change issues in Council‟s strategic operational and capital programs. Activities that were undertaken to engage with and seek input from the Whitehorse community included a community workshop, a community survey and a business survey. In recognition of the critical role of emergency service providers in responding to extreme weather events, the Whitehorse Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) was also engaged to seek their input and learn from their experiences. This consultation process identified a wide range of potential responses that Council and the community could implement. These actions were supplemented by research into measures undertaken by other municipalities and businesses. The impacts of climate change go beyond municipal boundaries requiring a planned response greater than the resources (or responsibilities) of the Council"