Sea Level Rise and Adaptation Responses for Coastal Construction: A Spatial - Temporal Decision Making Tool

This journal article is about the potential of a model - it does not give results, although worth a read so the reader can contact the authors if they think they model is relevant to their needs. The abstract reads: "Developing and implementing effective adaptation options is crucial for future coastal development. However, in many cases, it is difficult to determine whether taking a specific action to prepare for Sea Level Rise (SLR) is justified, due to uncertainty in the timing and magnitude of impacts. By considering the uncertain nature of projected changes in climate and addressing these dilemmas, this paper intends to provide a dynamic model for a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of coastal areas to assist decision makers to identify and evaluate effective adaptation alternatives for reducing climate change impacts. To achieve this outcome, two modeling techniques are combined: (1) System Dynamics, and (2) Geographical Information Systems. A combination of these approaches would provide the potential to address temporal and spatial problems concurrently."