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Ireland at Risk - Critical Infrastucture: Adaptation to Climate Change

This report explores adaptation issues for three of Ireland's key infrastructural areas: water supply, flood alleviation, and energy infrastructure. It provides useful strategies associated for managing water supply, food security, flood management and energy supply. It also provides an overview While this report is Ireland specific there are many actions that can be replicated at the Australian local government level. The report also highlights some interesting international case studies of extreme weather events on infrastructure.

Adapting Water Law to Public Necessity: Reframing Climate Change Adaptation as Emergency Response and Preparedness

"Classifying climate change’s impacts on water supply as a real crisis allows adaptation planning to become a form of emergency preparedness - concrete measures designed to deal with existing problems underscoring - the fact that the impacts are only likely to become worse in many parts of the country. Moreover, reframing climate change adaptation in the water context as emergency preparedness could productively shift the focus of adaptation strategies to the survival of communities as functional communities—that is, as something more than the mere physical survival of individual humans.

Adapting to Climate Change The Public Policy Response Public Infrastructure

Abstract: "his paper assesses the threats and needs that multidimensional climate change imposes for public infrastructure, reviews the existing adaptive capacity that could be applied to respond to these threats and needs, and presents options for enhancing adaptive capacity through public sector investments in physical, planning, and human resources.