urban heat island

Protecting human health and safety during severe and extreme heat events: A national framework

Heatwaves kill more Australians than any other natural disasters. They have received far less public attention than cyclone, flood or bushfire – they are private, silent deaths which only hit the media when morgues reach capacity or infrastructure fails. There has never been a national study which uses a common definition of heatwaves and directly comparable mortality data. Australia has no national heatwave plan. This report remedies these deficiencies and recommends strategies for the national, state and local governments as well as for citizens.

City Climate Change Adaptation through Living walls and Green roofs

In these slides from a presentation by Graeme Hopkins (Fifth Creek Studio) outlines how living walls and green roofs can help facilitate both climate change adaptation and mitigation. This presentation provides a very useful overview of the benefits of green roofs and living walls and further cements the fact that landscape architects play a crucial role in the implementation of adaptation actions.