The Impact of Climate Change on the Margaret River Wine System

This study explores the potential impacts of climate change on the Margaret River wine industry and adaptation and response strategies for the tourism industry. Although risks were evident (especially in regards to water availability, bushfire risks and threats to the natural environment) it was acknowledged that climate change may present the area with opportunities as well, for instance, increase tourism due to better thermal comfort.

The Future of Tourism: Can Tourism Growth and Climate Policy be Reconciled? A Climate Change Mitigation Perspective

"Tourism is an increasingly significant contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions growth in the sector is in substantial conflict with global climate policy goals that seek to mitigate climate change through deep emission reductions. This article discusses the role of various tourism sub-sectors in generating emissions, and technical and management options in reducing these.

French Studies Related to Climate Change Adaptation

This publication, prepared in preparation for the Copenhagen UN Conference on Climate Change (2009), includes various national studies about adaptation to climate change. It illustrates the willingness of France to mobilize all actors in society, including scientific, institutions and civil society, in the debate about climate change mitigation and adaptation.