Planning for Climate Change: Guidance and Model Policies for Local Authorities

This report intents to act as a guide to help councils manage climate change. It is a high-order document that introduces a framework and useful guiding principles. Although UK-focussed, it provides interesting commentary and ideas for planning for energy security and the electrification of transport.

Hands-On Energy Adaptation Toolkit (HEAT)

"HEAT Toolkit is designed to lead you through as assessment of climate vulnerabilities and adaptation options in the energy sector of your country. HEAT can help you raise awareness among key stakeholders and initiate dialogue on energy sector adaptation.HEAT uses a bottom-up, stakeholder-based, qualitative/semi-quantitative risk-assessment approach to discuss and identify risks, adaptation measures, and their costs and benefits. It draws on experience and published guidance from the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as existing research and literature."

Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Adaptation - Policy Signpost # 3: Southern Grampians and Glenelg

The Southern Grampians and Glenelg Primary Care Partnership (the PCP) has developed Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Action (the Framework) to guide local action to address the health and social impacts of climate change and rural adjustment. The Framework takes a strategic approach to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on health promotion. While service delivery is a component of the Framework, agencies will need to be guided by other documents regarding specific health service delivery issues arising from climate change.


Climate Change Action Pack

As stated by the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW this web-based Climate Change Action Pack "is intended to support councils in addressing the significant challenge climate change presents. The Pack aims to enhance understanding of the impact of climate change on Local Government's areas of responsibility and assist Local Government to mitigate and adapt to climate change" The site has a diverse array of adaptation guides, presentation material, climate projections for NSW and examples of best practice - which the user can explore (and upload) case studies by region or theme.