storm surge

NSW Sea Level Rise Policy Statement

This policy statement outlines the Government’s objectives and commitments in regards to sea level rise adaptation. It outlines the support that the Government will provide to coastal communities and local councils to prepare and adapt to rising sea levels.

Coastal Climate Change Advisory Committee Issues and Options Paper

This is an issues and options paper and a very useful source of information for Victorian Councils (although it may be useful for as a guide for other states). The report highlights the anticipated coastal impacts, describes the policy, legal and planning framework and provides examples of other Australian and New Zealand approaches to climate change coastal management.

Climate Change Litigation to Flood Planning and Development in Coastal Areas

This commentry on coastal climate change litigation by Freehills provides a good overview of the types of legal challenges that may arise for coastal development. It states that developers are on notice to consider climate change, that owners and businesses should develop adaptation strategies and predicts that councils will take an increasingly conservative approach for coastal development approval. It is also a good source of case studies.

Sea Level Rise and Adaptation Responses for Coastal Construction: A Spatial - Temporal Decision Making Tool

This journal article is about the potential of a model - it does not give results, although worth a read so the reader can contact the authors if they think they model is relevant to their needs. The abstract reads: "Developing and implementing effective adaptation options is crucial for future coastal development. However, in many cases, it is difficult to determine whether taking a specific action to prepare for Sea Level Rise (SLR) is justified, due to uncertainty in the timing and magnitude of impacts.

A snapshot of future sea levels: photographing the king tide

An interesting photographic based report showing images of a king tide in 2009 in NSW. The images show areas at risk from sea level rise and provide a good feel for what 90cm sea level rise would look like.


Coastal Community Advisory Committee: Issues and Options Paper 2010

A white paper on potential land use planning adaptation actions available in Victoria. Provides some useful discussion on policy options.

Coastal inundation at Narabeen Lagoon: Optimising Adaptation Investment

The Department has released a report that analyses the benefits and costs of adaptation in response to risks of flood inundation from Narrabeen Lagoon in Sydney's Northern Beaches area.

Coastal inundation under climate change: a case study in South East Queensland

This case study on South East Queensland is a working paper which "presents a preliminary assessment of the costs and benefits of proactive, planned adaptation on built infrastructure. These costs and benefits have been investigated by estimating the population and economic effects of an historical 1-in-100-year inundation event and then exploring how these may change under different scenarios of settlement adaptation in 2030 and 2070."