Asset Based Community Development and Pro-poor Asset-based Climate Change Adaptation: Briefing paper # 1

The Briefing Paper series of the ‘Rental housing, climate change and adaptive capacity: a case study of Newcastle NSW’ project seeks to provide readers with access to current research on rental sector adaptation to climate change. Briefing Papers produced by the project team are working documents that provide a forum on theoretical, methodological and practical issues related to climate change adaption in rental housing.

Public Health: Adapting to Climate Change

This issues paper explores the myriad of threat and consequences that climate change presents the health sector. It explores risks from temperature, vector-borne illnesses, air pollution, reduced agricultural yields and indirect issues. Although a brief report (15 pages) it is a suitable document for council decision makers.

Climate Change and Human Health: Impact and Adaptation Issues for NZ

This report explores the impacts of climate change on human health, namely infectious disease, flooding and indirect socio-economic impacts.

Impacts of Climate Change on Human Settlements in the Western Port Region: People, Property and Place

"This report examines the nature and extent of potential impacts of climate change to the Western Port region of Victoria. The report’s focus is on the impacts of climate change on the built environment, the social and economic implications of the impacts and the vulnerability of different localities and groups.