Adapting to an Uncertain Climate: A World of Commercial Opportunities

Adapting to an uncertain climate: A world of commercial opportunities is a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) report commissioned from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The report seeks to examine the potential business opportunities, and risks, involved in adapting to anticipated changes in the global climate, such as changing rainfall patterns, rising numbers of extreme weather events and so on. In particular, it examines four key sectors: financial services; infrastructure and construction; professional services and consulting; and agriculture and life sciences.

Preparing for Climate Change: Insurance and Small Business

The abstract reads: "This paper considers the threat of climate change in the UK, especially flooding, with regard to the impact that it will have on small and medium-sized enterprises and on the insurance industry itself and the role it plays. It examines the current situation facing the UK and then examines the responses being made to this and what can be done in the future to help resolve this issue."