sea level rise

The Critical Decade: Surviving the Anthropocene

In this lecture, presented by Professor Will Steffen at the University of Tasmania on Tuesday, August 23 2011, the argument is made that the coming decade is a critical time. "Unless effective action is taken, the global climate may be so irreversibly altered we will struggle to maintain our present way of life. The choices we make this decade will shape the long-term climate future for our children and grandchildren." This presentation also includes interesting slides showing the potential challenges and climate change projections for Tasmania.

World Risk Report 2011

The UN's latest World Risk report sees Australia coming in at 119 out of 173 countries. According to the doc Australia has a high exposure to natural hazards but also a relatively high coping capacity. The hazards assessed are: - Earthquake - Storms - Floods - Droughts - Sea-Level Rise

OzCoasta: Sea Level Rise Maps

These maps have been created by the Australian Government to illustrate the potential impacts of climate change for key urban areas. "Maps are available to show three sea level rise scenarios: low sea level rise (0.5m), medium sea level rise (0.8m) and high sea level rise (1.1m). These sea level rise scenarios are for a 2100 period, relative to 1990. The sea level rise values are based on IPCC projections (B1 and A1FI scenarios) and more recent science." It should be noted that these maps do not consider storm surge and other factors.

NSW Sea Level Rise Policy Statement

This policy statement outlines the Government’s objectives and commitments in regards to sea level rise adaptation. It outlines the support that the Government will provide to coastal communities and local councils to prepare and adapt to rising sea levels.

Coastal Climate Change Advisory Committee Issues and Options Paper

This is an issues and options paper and a very useful source of information for Victorian Councils (although it may be useful for as a guide for other states). The report highlights the anticipated coastal impacts, describes the policy, legal and planning framework and provides examples of other Australian and New Zealand approaches to climate change coastal management.

Climate Change Litigation to Flood Planning and Development in Coastal Areas

This commentry on coastal climate change litigation by Freehills provides a good overview of the types of legal challenges that may arise for coastal development. It states that developers are on notice to consider climate change, that owners and businesses should develop adaptation strategies and predicts that councils will take an increasingly conservative approach for coastal development approval. It is also a good source of case studies.

Sea Level Rise and Adaptation Responses for Coastal Construction: A Spatial - Temporal Decision Making Tool

This journal article is about the potential of a model - it does not give results, although worth a read so the reader can contact the authors if they think they model is relevant to their needs. The abstract reads: "Developing and implementing effective adaptation options is crucial for future coastal development. However, in many cases, it is difficult to determine whether taking a specific action to prepare for Sea Level Rise (SLR) is justified, due to uncertainty in the timing and magnitude of impacts.

Charles & Howard Pty Ltd v Redland Shire Council [2006]

Link to Qld's first planning court case on the issue of sea level rise considerations.  In this case the council refused a development approval due to risks from sea level rise.  The Judge upheld the views of the council (and previous Trial Judge).

A snapshot of future sea levels: photographing the king tide

An interesting photographic based report showing images of a king tide in 2009 in NSW. The images show areas at risk from sea level rise and provide a good feel for what 90cm sea level rise would look like.