The Tasmanian Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways (TCAP) project: The future for Lauderdale

This document summaries the TCAP project and in particular provides and overview of the scenarios created for the Lauderdale community (in Clarence City, Tasmania). The TCAP project has four study sites (Lauderdale, St Helens, Kingston Beach and Port Sorell). For a link to other documents in the TCAP project do a search for the term "TCAP" or the specific case study communities.

The Critical Decade: Surviving the Anthropocene

In this lecture, presented by Professor Will Steffen at the University of Tasmania on Tuesday, August 23 2011, the argument is made that the coming decade is a critical time. "Unless effective action is taken, the global climate may be so irreversibly altered we will struggle to maintain our present way of life. The choices we make this decade will shape the long-term climate future for our children and grandchildren." This presentation also includes interesting slides showing the potential challenges and climate change projections for Tasmania.

Climate Futures for Tasmania: General Climate Impacts Technical Report

This report presents the resuts from climate change modelling for Tasmania using six GCMs and based on a high (A2) and low (B1) IPCC emission scenario. The report also introduces the climate change drivers for the region.


Web site which allows the user to generate climat change projections for specified regions.

Scenarios for Climate Change Adaptation

The home page of the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research