World Risk Report 2011

The UN's latest World Risk report sees Australia coming in at 119 out of 173 countries. According to the doc Australia has a high exposure to natural hazards but also a relatively high coping capacity. The hazards assessed are: - Earthquake - Storms - Floods - Droughts - Sea-Level Rise

Risk Communication: A Vital Tool For Building Public Support For Climate Change Adaptation

Presentation which shows that risk communication is heavily dependent on constructive relationships as opposed to fact presentation. This presentation gives a brief overview of the types of risk perception and how risk should be communicated. The URL link is a link to the audio presentation.


Framing Climate: Implications for Local Government Policy Response Capacity

The rapid uptake of political and community acceptance of climate change in Australia is placing significant pressures on local governments to examine their vulnerabilities to climate change, as well as their need to undertake an expedited review of potential mitigation and adaptation strategies. However, there is a dichotomy between the actual need for a local level strategy and the capability of Australian local governments to do so.


Preparing for Climate Change: Insurance and Small Business

The abstract reads: "This paper considers the threat of climate change in the UK, especially flooding, with regard to the impact that it will have on small and medium-sized enterprises and on the insurance industry itself and the role it plays. It examines the current situation facing the UK and then examines the responses being made to this and what can be done in the future to help resolve this issue."