Weathering Climate Change: Insurance Solutions for More Resilient Communities

This report by global re-insurer SwissRe describes some innovative insurance applications for fostering resilient communities. Although a very brief report it gives teh reader and interesting insight into insurance / adaptation cost curves. The report also presents case studies with an empasis on the world first innovative insurance applications in the Caribbean.

Resilience and Water Security in Two Outback Cities

This report compares water security issues in two Australian mining communities. Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and Broken Hill in New South Wales are towns with populations of around 30,000 and 20,000 respectively in semi-arid environments with limited local water supplies. Each has a rich history based on mineral resources and, more recently, a developing tourism industry. The catalyst for development has been the exploitation of mineral resources (silver, zinc and lead in Broken Hill and gold in Kalgoorlie); this development has been constrained and tested by water limitations.

Munich Re: Climate Change

This is Munich Re's (a large global re-insurer) website on climate change. It has a large collection of publications and commentry on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Resilience Renaissance? Unpacking of Resilience for Tackling Climate Change and Disasters

This paper describes the term 'resilience' used in the context of discussion, policies and programming around climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction (DRR), and reviews academic conceptualisation of this term in social, ecological and socio-ecological systems. Using 16 overlapping conceptualisations of resilience from the literature, it outlines key characteristics and indicators of resilience, and captures the key findings, including detail on indicators, in a meta-table.

Community resilience" Lessons from New Orleans

Case study of resilience in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. It has some interesting information on "multi-hazard" risks.

Resilient Regions: Clarity of Concepts and Challenges to Systemic Measurement

This paper explores the notion of regional resilience. It contains some useful descriptions and definitions of resilience.


Promoting Social Inclusion in Adaptation to Climate Change: Discussion Paper

Report which explores climate change adaptation challenges for the vulnerable communities of five local councils (Mornington Peninsula, Cardinia and Bass Coast and the Cities of Frankston and Casey).