Understanding Floods: Questions and Answers

This is a useful resource about flooding created by the Queensland Government. "From December 2010 to January 2011, Queensland experienced widespread flooding, with three quarters of the state declared a disaster zone. Understanding Floods: Questions and Answers was prepared by the Queensland Floods Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Panel, convened by the Queensland Chief Scientist, Dr Geoff Garrett AO, to explain in clear and simple language the fundamental concepts of floods, including flood causes, impacts, forecasting, and flood risk management now and in the future."

Human Contribution to More-intense Precipitation Extremes

In this Nature article the authors state that "human-induced increases in greenhouse gases have contributed to the observed intensification of heavy precipitation events found over approximately two-thirds of data-covered parts of Northern Hemisphere land areas. These results are based on a comparison of observed and multi-model simulated changes in extreme precipitation over the latter half of the twentieth century analysed with an optimal fingerprinting technique." A fee or subscription may be required to view this article from the Nature journal.

Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities: A Synthesis Report

This report explores the climate change risks of Manila, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. It shows that the three cities face considerable challenges with economic impacts from climate change ranging from 2% to 6% of regional GDP. It identifies extreme rainfall (with subsequent flooding and landslips) to be a serious threat.