Coming Ready or Not: Managing climate risks g y to Australia’s infrastructure

This report by the Climate Institute shows that 'Australia is among the developed countries most vulnerable to climate change'. The report provides a useful snapshot of the water, electricity, property, road, rail and financial services sectors. The report highlights that apart from the water sector (which is advanced in its adaptation planning) much work is needed to explore the risks and manage the effects of climate change in the remaining sectors.

Climate Change Impact Assessment for Surface Transportation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

This report is built on several significant reports and projects that have been recently published. In 2008, the Transportation Research Board released the Special Report 290: Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation, which primarily focused on the consequences of climate change for U.S. transportation infrastructure and operations. The report also offers recommendations for both research and actions that can be taken to prepare for climate change. A similar study released by U.S.

Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation: Ensuring Services in an Uncertain Future

Report executive summary reads "This study was an activity of the Engineering the Future partnership, carried out on behalf of Defra by The Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Chemical Engineers. The conclusions of the study will feed into the Defra led cross-Government Infrastructure and Adaptation project.