Asset Based Community Development and Pro-poor Asset-based Climate Change Adaptation: Briefing paper # 1

The Briefing Paper series of the ‘Rental housing, climate change and adaptive capacity: a case study of Newcastle NSW’ project seeks to provide readers with access to current research on rental sector adaptation to climate change. Briefing Papers produced by the project team are working documents that provide a forum on theoretical, methodological and practical issues related to climate change adaption in rental housing.

Coming Ready or Not: Managing climate risks g y to Australia’s infrastructure

This report by the Climate Institute shows that 'Australia is among the developed countries most vulnerable to climate change'. The report provides a useful snapshot of the water, electricity, property, road, rail and financial services sectors. The report highlights that apart from the water sector (which is advanced in its adaptation planning) much work is needed to explore the risks and manage the effects of climate change in the remaining sectors.

The Critical Decade: Queensland climate impacts and opportunities

This report by the Climate Commission highlights the challenges and opportunities facing Queensland from climate change. The report shows that Queensland is already experiencing climate change and for the agricultural sector it is likely that beef, sugar and cereal production is likely to decline in the coming decades. The report also highlights the risks facing the natural and built environment. The opportunities discussed in this paper focus on Queensland's renewable energy potential.

Coastal Community Advisory Committee: Issues and Options Paper 2010

A white paper on potential land use planning adaptation actions available in Victoria. Provides some useful discussion on policy options.