London's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: Have your say

Short video summary of the City of London's climate change plan. It also contains links to other video summaries

Asia-Pacific Regional Climate Change Adaptation Assessment: Final Report, Findings and Recommendations

The objective of the assessment is to provide an objective, up-to-date, and comprehensive regional analysis summarized in a report which assesses the climate change adaptation needs of the Asia-Pacific region. This report will be used to inform the planning process for possible future activities funded by USAID/RDMA that address regional climate change adaptation needs.

Australian Local Government and Climate Change

Good source of information which highlights a range of adaptation and mitigation activities, resources, funding and policies.


Tackling Climate Change: South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy

South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy.  It includes both mitigation and adaptation actions out to 2020

Coastal Community Advisory Committee: Issues and Options Paper 2010

A white paper on potential land use planning adaptation actions available in Victoria. Provides some useful discussion on policy options.

Cities in a Post 2012 Policy Framework

This report explores local options for adaptation, identifies barriers for implementation and explores successful case studies.

Integrating Approaches: Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

This web site provides a handful of links to presentations at a seminar held by Practical Action in December 2009. The main focus is on disaster response and impact reduction.

The 3 Counties Alliance Partnership (3CAP): The Effect of Climate Change on 3CAP

This report reviews the potential risks to the road network for three counties in the UK. It suggests adaptation actions for each risk and recommends the timing of implementation.

Risks, Opportunities, and Adaptation to Climate Change

Adaptation is an important approach for protecting human health, ecosystems, and economic systems from the risks posed by climate variability and change, and for exploiting beneficial opportunities provided by a changing climate. This paper presents 9 fundamental principles that should be considered when designing adaptation policy, for example, a sound understanding of the potential regional effects of climate on human and ecological systems is required to target appropriate investments in adaptive responses.

Climate Change Strategy 2009-2014

Climate change strategy for Gold Coast City Council (in South East Queensland) whose vision is