AdaptME toolkit: Adaptation and monitoring and evaluation

This report is part of the UKCIP's toolkit for climate adaptation.  "AdaptME will help you to think through some of the factors that can make an evaluation of adaptation activities inherently challenging, and equip you to design a robust evaluation. You will be able to ‘tweak’ a single part of your evaluation design or use multiple tools to build a new approach"

Learning to ADAPT: monitoring and evaluation approaches in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction – challenges, gaps and ways forward

This working paper is a methodological contribution to the emerging debate on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the context of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Effectively managing disaster risk is critical for adapting to the impacts of climate change, however disasters risk reduction M&E practice may be limited in capturing progress towards adaptation. First, this paper situates the M&E discussion at the interface of climate change adaptation, disaster risk management and development.

Public Health: Adapting to Climate Change

This issues paper explores the myriad of threat and consequences that climate change presents the health sector. It explores risks from temperature, vector-borne illnesses, air pollution, reduced agricultural yields and indirect issues. Although a brief report (15 pages) it is a suitable document for council decision makers.