This site allows the user to view aerial images of Australian settlements. On the top right hand side of the site users can view the images of the January Queensland floods. In particular users can zoom in and clearly identify areas on inundation in Brisbane and Ipswich. Local Governments need to read and adhere to the license agreements of NearMap before using any of the images.

OzCoasta: Sea Level Rise Maps

These maps have been created by the Australian Government to illustrate the potential impacts of climate change for key urban areas. "Maps are available to show three sea level rise scenarios: low sea level rise (0.5m), medium sea level rise (0.8m) and high sea level rise (1.1m). These sea level rise scenarios are for a 2100 period, relative to 1990. The sea level rise values are based on IPCC projections (B1 and A1FI scenarios) and more recent science." It should be noted that these maps do not consider storm surge and other factors.