Adapting to an Uncertain Climate: A World of Commercial Opportunities

Adapting to an uncertain climate: A world of commercial opportunities is a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) report commissioned from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The report seeks to examine the potential business opportunities, and risks, involved in adapting to anticipated changes in the global climate, such as changing rainfall patterns, rising numbers of extreme weather events and so on. In particular, it examines four key sectors: financial services; infrastructure and construction; professional services and consulting; and agriculture and life sciences.

Climate Change Scenarios: Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation

It is widely acknowledged that climate change will have a broad-ranging impact on economies and financial markets over the coming decades. This report analyses the extent of that impact on institutional investment portfolios and identifies a series of pragmatic steps for institutional investors to consider, including allocation to climate-sensitive assets and the adoption of an “early warning” risk management process. The report is the result of a collaborative endeavor led by Mercer together with 14 global institutional investors , and supported by IFC and Carbon Trust.