Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks

A presentation outlining the effects of climate change on transport networks and how this impacts upon policy decisions. The workshop summary includes some dot points on how various elements of climate change may impact on the transport sector / network. Provides a very brief overview of the policies implications for decision makers.

Tropical Forests and Climate Change Adaptation: Criteria and Indicators for Adaptive Management for Reduced Vulnerability and Long-Term Sustainability Final Technical Report

This report describes the activities of the Tropical Forests and Climate Change Adaptation (TroFCCA) project. The report covers activities from March 2005 to December 2009, highlighting the technical activities undertaken, and the financial transactions accompanying activities carried out during the period of the project.


Asia-Pacific Regional Climate Change Adaptation Assessment: Final Report, Findings and Recommendations

The objective of the assessment is to provide an objective, up-to-date, and comprehensive regional analysis summarized in a report which assesses the climate change adaptation needs of the Asia-Pacific region. This report will be used to inform the planning process for possible future activities funded by USAID/RDMA that address regional climate change adaptation needs.

The Costs to Developing Countries of Adapting to Climate Change: New Methods and Estimates

This report identifies a consistent methodology for identifying the economic costs of adaptation (focussed on developing nations).  It seperates the results into infrastructure,  coastal zones, industrial and municipal water supply and riverine flood protection, agriculture, fisheries, human health, forestry and ecosystem services and extreme weather events.  Overall the report states that for developng countries to adapt to a world that is 2 degrees C warmer in 2050 between $75 and $100 billion is required.