Economics of climate adaptation

This brief two minute video by global re-insurer Swiss Re introduces their "Economics of Climate Adaptation" methodology for Local Governments. The video provides a useful and easy-to-understand explanation about how adaptation and risk transfer are mutually re-enforcing.

Academic Earth: Climate change leture series

This freely available lecture series explores the issue of climate change through 12 lectures (each approximately 1hr 30mins). The subjects explored are: The Science of Climate Change The Economics of Climate Change Financing Adaptation Insurance The International Climate Regime Engaging the Developing World Climate Change and Biodiversity Climate and Trade Law: The Biofuels Problem Massachusetts v. EPA and its Aftermath Putting a Price on Carbon - Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax Current Federal Statues and Litigation State initiatives

Weathering Climate Change: Insurance Solutions for More Resilient Communities

This report by global re-insurer SwissRe describes some innovative insurance applications for fostering resilient communities. Although a very brief report it gives teh reader and interesting insight into insurance / adaptation cost curves. The report also presents case studies with an empasis on the world first innovative insurance applications in the Caribbean.

Preparing for Climate Change: Insurance and Small Business

The abstract reads: "This paper considers the threat of climate change in the UK, especially flooding, with regard to the impact that it will have on small and medium-sized enterprises and on the insurance industry itself and the role it plays. It examines the current situation facing the UK and then examines the responses being made to this and what can be done in the future to help resolve this issue."


Munich Re: Climate Change

This is Munich Re's (a large global re-insurer) website on climate change. It has a large collection of publications and commentry on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Climate Change: Improving Community Resilience to Extreme Weather Events

This commentary gives an Australian insurance perspective of the anticipated climate change risks to the community. It highlights the fact that weather-related risks are core business for the insurance industry.

From Risk to Advantage: General Insurers as Key Agents for Climate Change Adaptation

This report explores the types of risks facing the insurance industry. It expands on Crichton's risk triangle by identifying potential opportunities for insurers to drive climate change adaptation. This report also provides a useful introduction to climate change science and primary, secondary and tertiary risks.