Weathering Uncertainty: Traditional Knowledge for Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation

This report provides an overview of the published scientific literature (primarily peer-reviewed, but also grey) relating to the contribution of traditional/indigenous knowledge to our understanding of global climate change: observations, impacts and opportunities for adaptation. It focuses in particular on post-AR4 literature and also includes inputs from the international expert meeting ‘Indigenous Peoples, Marginalized Populations and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Traditional Knowledge’, held from 19–21 July 2011 in Mexico City, Mexico.

NAILSMA Climate Change Adaptation Workshop Report

The workshop brought together two knowledge systems seeking to understand climate change, the policy responses and, importantly, not only indigenous perspectives from the bush, but also traditional owners whose country is urbanised. What is climate change? How does it impact on us and our country? What is or can be done about it?

The Impact of Climate Change on the Torres Strait and Australia

"The impact of climate change will not be limited to mainland Australia’s coastal zone. Erosion and gradual inundation are already occurring on the low-lying Torres Strait island communities of Boigu and Saibai. Any future relocation of affected communities will be socially and economically costly. There are also security implications for Australia’s northern border region if the extreme scenario of total inundation of most of the Torres Strait region occurs. The Australian Indian Ocean Territories will also face a multitude of risks from climate change."