Draft Connecticut Preparedness Plan

This report (112 pages) outlines the climate change adaptation strategy for Connecticut, USA. The report states common climate change challenges for the region, provides their guiding principles for adaptation, adaptation actions and an overview of the implementation process.

Cairns Regional Council Climate Change Strategy 2010-2015

The purpose of this strategy is to provide clear direction for responding to climate change risks and challenges. This strategy builds on Council’s existing climate change policies and programs including the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan and the Greenhouse Mitigation Action Plan. This strategy will be assessed and reviewed annually to ensure it is based on the latest science and policy information.

Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Projects

A useful web site which has a range of tools and resources for those planning to undertake adaptation planning. Although this website seems to have a focus on developing countries there are still many useful resources for Australian councils. In particular the checklists (located on the left hand side) would help a council frame the information a processes required to undertake a climate change risk and adaptation plan.