Climate Commission Summary Statement: Was Hurricane Sandy Influenced by Climate Change?

This document provides a summary of what we know about why Hurricane Sandy was so devastating, the links between climate change and Hurricane Sandy, and the influence of Climate change more generally on tropical cyclones now and into the future.

Role of Exposure in Projected Residential Building Cyclone Risk for the Australian Region

The paper presents a methodology to analyse the direct impact of tropical cyclone hazard on communities in northern Australia. The study focuses on the maximum potential intensity (MPI) of the cyclonic wind hazard, and location. Storm surge impacts were developed using a simple relationship between intensity and storm surge height and mid-point sea-level rise projections. The impact on residential building stock of severe wind and storm surge hazards associated with IPCC climate change scenarios is considered.

Shoring up the Energy Coast: Building Climate-Resilient Industries Along America’s Gulf Coast

This is a brief commentry by SwissRe (a global re-insurer) about the climate change risks facing the oil industry in the US gulf coast. They state that "the US Gulf Coast already faces significant risk of hurricane damage. Climate change, combined with economic growth and land subsidence, could increase losses in the region by up to 65 per cent over the next twenty years. As a result, affected communities could face cumulative economic damages of $US350 billion from climate hazards by 2030, says a new study released by Entergy Corporation and supported by Swiss Re research."