Impacts and Adaptation Response of Infrastructure and Communities to Heatwaves: The South Australian Experience of 2009

This report captures the nature of the 2009 heatwave in South Australia. It provides a very useful overview of the meteorological characteristics that set up the heatwave event and introduces the subsequent ramifications on human health, energy, transport, water and telecommunication networks. The report also explores the responses by various organizations (e.g. police and ambulance) and gives an overview of the potential barriers facing adaptation. This reading is a must for those exploring the impacts that heat can have on the urban system.

Food Systems, Climate Change Adaptation and Human Health in Australia

"This discussion paper reviews the current state of science to reveal key issues and gaps in the fields of human health and food systems research, with implications for Australia’s capacity to adapt to climate change. It uses a food systems approach to identify observed and potential climate change impacts along the food chain and highlights the direct and indirect pathways to health outcomes."

Climate Change and Health in the Urban Environment: Adaptation Opportunities in Australian Cities

Urban populations are growing rapidly throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Cities are vulnerable to the health impacts of climate change because of their concentration of people and infrastructure, the physical (geographical, material, and structural) attributes of the built environment, and the ecological interdependence with the urban ecosystem. Australia is one of the most highly urbanized countries in the region and its already variable climate is set to become hotter and drier with climate change.

Implications of Climate Change for Health Services in Australia

The aim of this discussion paper is to propose "a framework discussion for consideration by policy makers at Commonwealth, state and local levels in addition to public health professionals, clinicians and aged care service providers who are at the front line of delivery of services." The discussion paper highlights the challenges facing health professionals as: 1) heat stress, exacerbation of heat related chronic conditions 2) infectious diseases (for example, possible expansion of dengue fever 3) food and water borne diseases 4) increased extreme weather events (floods, storms, fires)

Public Health: Adapting to Climate Change

This issues paper explores the myriad of threat and consequences that climate change presents the health sector. It explores risks from temperature, vector-borne illnesses, air pollution, reduced agricultural yields and indirect issues. Although a brief report (15 pages) it is a suitable document for council decision makers.

Climate Change and Human Health: Impact and Adaptation Issues for NZ

This report explores the impacts of climate change on human health, namely infectious disease, flooding and indirect socio-economic impacts.

Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Adaptation - Policy Signpost # 3: Southern Grampians and Glenelg

The Southern Grampians and Glenelg Primary Care Partnership (the PCP) has developed Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Action (the Framework) to guide local action to address the health and social impacts of climate change and rural adjustment. The Framework takes a strategic approach to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on health promotion. While service delivery is a component of the Framework, agencies will need to be guided by other documents regarding specific health service delivery issues arising from climate change.


Integrated Solutions for Biodiversity||Climate Change and Poverty

A short policy brief released by the UNEP. The rational for this Policy Brief is to make clear the vital benefits of integrating biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management by taking the Ecosystemsbased Adaptation approach along with the Green Economy Initiative to achieve equitable multiple

Integrating Approaches: Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

This web site provides a handful of links to presentations at a seminar held by Practical Action in December 2009. The main focus is on disaster response and impact reduction.